Calvente, Salobreña & Progress

Saturday, December 22, 2018
By Martin Myall

SAL horacio-calventeJust about everybody knows Calvente wine, especially the white variety; produced in Jete, it is even sought as far away as restaurants in New York.

Well, Bodega Calvente wants to set up shop in Salobreña, where the old rum factory was, opposite Hotel Miba – this is no secret. But it’s more that a bodega because the idea is to build a wine-tourism complex.

Things have been held up precisely because the plot of land is right next to the N-340, so the Demarcación de Carreteras (State Roads Department) had to be consulted. Fortunately and very recently, authorisation from this body was received, which is surprising because they normally move with the speed of a striking sloth and the reactions of a dead rattle snake – but I digress…

Negotiations were a bit tricky as the project would affect the La Caleta entrance junction and the road authorities wanted the Town Hall to take over responsibility for that section of the N-340. The Town Hall, knowing that it would be taking on a huge upkeep expense, declined.

Now the winery-complex project is top notch, counting on using a sod-off architect from Cataluña – the same one that designed the Restaurante El Bulli (Spain’s most famous restaurant).

So we’re not talking about two primos with pram-mudguard eyebrows, knocking up the project with a pencil stub and scribblings on a paper serviette, now, are we! In fact, it could even include a hotel within the complex.

Well, the Mayor says that it could start taking shape in 2020, so all hail Horacio from Jete, whose wine is cherished by the gods and who intends to build Camelot in fair Salobreña!

And no, I haven’t been at a bottle myself…

(News: Salobreña, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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