Dúrcal Let Down

GRA Mass Puncture VandalismDúrcal woke one Sunday morning to find over a dozen cars with their tyres punctured – nice way to start the day if you’re in a rush!

It was a lad who had gone out early walking his dog who returned with the news that he had found at least 30 cars in this condition, the number, however was 14, according to the municipal police but they said that there could have been more.

The fact is that Dúrcal has been suffering from bouts of vandalism but this is the first time that somebody has targeted ‘tyres.’

The municipal police recommended that affected car owners reported this damage to the Guardia Civil post the following Monday because, thanks to cuts, the said post remains closed over the weekends – it’s a pity that wrongdoers don’t take the weekend off, too.

(News: Durcal, Valle de Lecrin, Granada, Andalucia)

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