Itrabo Burglar Arrested

SAL MolvizarThe Guardia Civil arrested a Moroccan man in Molvízar, suspected of having broken into an empty house in Ítrabo.

A neighbour had discovered that the house had been broken into and informed the owner, who lives in Barcelona. The break-in was reported to the Catalan regional police who then passed the case on to the Guardia Civil.

The burglary took place in August and the thief stole a microwave oven, a TV, a butane bottle and other household items.

The Guardia Civil in Salobreña carried out an inspection of the house and interviewed neighbours, obtaining enough information to identify the thief – several locals had identified the 42-year-old man from police mug shots.

Once in custody, the police discovered that he was also wanted in Donostia (Guipuzcoa) after having failed to turn up at court in 2016.

(News: Molvizar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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