The Friendly Hug Arrest

ALM Romanian Pickpocket ArrestedStrange title, but this kind of theft is termed as the Abrazo Cariñoso in Spanish and describes a pickpocket’s tactics for getting in close for the kill!

The Guardia Civil arrested a suspect in Calpe (Alicante) after she was caught in the act of trying to lift (steal) an elderly victim’s wrist watch whilst embracing him.

The modus operandi is that the pickpocket closes in on the target – usually somebody elderly – using the excuse of asking for the time or directions. As soon as the thief is close enough, they act as if they know the victim and close in for a hug or a kiss on the cheek… whilst one hands goes into the victim’s pocket or unfastens juicy jewellery.

The woman arrested in Calpe is a 20-year-old Romanian woman (*gasp!*) who has already been involved in a previous occasion in Almuñécar in May this year. Yes, that’s why the article is in the Almuñécar Section!

On that occasion the victim was a 74-year-old foreign resident, who realised what was happening and resisted losing a watch, valued at 5,000 euros. The Romanian woman fled in order to escape arrest.

In this latest incident in Calpe she was spotted by a plainclothes, Guardia Civil officer, who had been keeping an eye on her from a distance and was about to intercept her as she was embracing her victim, but a 6th sense spooked her and she moved off quickly. This didn’t stop her being pursued and arrested.

Once in the police station the police discovered that she was the same person that was being looked for over the Almuñécar incident.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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