Police Deployment at Hospital

GRA Police Hospital Presence 01JPGThere was a commotion up at the Hospital Materno Infantil in Granada on Tuesday when two child doctors and a nurse were attacked.

The violent scene was sparked off by the death of a baby girl, who had been born prematurely two days earlier. The 18-year-old father, who was accompanied by the mother and the grandparents of both, was struck by understandable grief, which led to him to physically lash out at the staff.

One nurse received a blow from a swinging door to the face which required stitches whilst other staff were literally slapped around. As soon as violence broke out, staff activated the panic button which brought security staff running to separate the grieving family members from the staff, but it required police presence to quieten the situation down.

The Head of the Hospital Universitario Virgen de las Nieves lamented the death deeply, but she did not consider it justification for attacking medical staff.

Any attack, verbal or physical, is a crime under the Penal Law Code, equal in severity to attacking a member of any one of the nation’s police forces.

GRA Police Hospital PresenceAs a consequence of this incident, there Head of Personnel at the hospital has convoked a demonstration at the main doors of the maternal-paediatric hospital for today at 10.00h.

I happened to be in the hospital at the time and was surprised by the number of police vehicles and officers guarding not only at the main entrance, but also the side entrance. The reason for the sizeable police presence was that relatives of the dead baby started turning up in numbers.

Editorial comment: it is impossible to fully understand how this situation developed as it did without mentioning that the deceased child belonged to a Spanish, minority, ethnic clan, as politically incorrect as that might be to point this out. Any parent in this situation, torn my grief, could react violently, in that precise moment, but it doesn’t explain why such  a large police presence was required in itself without the above additional information.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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