Blasphemy in the 21st Century

SPN Willy ToledoSpanish actor, Willy Toledo, who has been taken to court for insulting God and the Virgin, has come out in support of a Spanish comedian, Carlos Santiago on similar charges.

This comedian is being sued by the same people, the Asociación Española de Abogados Cristianos, for insulting the Apostle and the Virgen del Pilar during a Carnival back in February in Galicia.

“The Empire Strikes Again,” wrote Will toledo on his facebook page after hearing that the stand-up comedian had been denounced for making a “satirical version of the city’s saint as part of his stand-up routine.”

Willy Toledo is not surprised that the ultra-Catholic entity has brought charges for what amounts to heresy, despite this being Europe and the 21st Century, but is very much surprised at a Spanish judge for deciding to allow such a case to reach trial.

(News: Spain)

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