Al Campo Raided

MOT Al Campo Phone HouseThree hooded men broke into Al Campo in Motril in the early hours of yesterday and raided the mobile-phone shop, The Phone House. They were confronted by security guard whom they threatened with knives and scared off.

The robbery took place around five in the morning after the thieves smashed through a glass, main door. There they came across a cleaning woman, the security guard and his assistant.

The guard, facing three men armed with knives and even shards of glass from the door, beat a hasty retreat, as did his assistant.

It was all over in ten minutes, from the moment that they smashed through the main door to their making good their escape, whilst in between emptying the phone store, targeting the most expensive models.

The mobile-phone shop had plenty of stock stored on the premises in preparation for Black Friday. The amount stolen was said to be valued at 40,000 euros.

According to the employees present at the time of the raid, the three men made off in a high-range car, driven by a fourth accomplice.

The Policía Nacional are inspecting the CCTV footage as part of their investigations.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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