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Al Campo Raided

By Vivienne Hughes

Three hooded men broke into Al Campo in Motril in the early hours of yesterday and raided the mobile-phone shop, The Phone House »

Motril Mugging Suspect Caught

By Martin Myall

A mugger in Motril has been terrorising youngsters with a knife and relieving them of their mobile phones. However, now the Policía Nacional have arrested a suspect. »

San Juan Arrests

By Hugh MacArthur

Well, when the younger generation comes down to the coast for San Juan, many are not short of illegal substances. That was just as true in the 60's as nowadays. »

Fun Police Nights

By Martin Myall

There are parts of Motril where a tourist will never tread - not wittingly, at least - and there are families there whose members are not keen on being arrested... not keen at all. The following incident highlights this. »

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