The Salomar 2000 Affair

SAL Salomar ControversyThe judicial system has come down against the Salobreña Town Hall over the Salomar 2000, again, ordering it to rebuild a demolished wall and tennis court.

Not only that, but they also have to pay compensation to property owners for denying them the use of block-community sports areas (a tennis court), which had been gobbled up, as well as pay all the court costs.

The PP opposition party, of course, is rubbing its hands, gleefully, over the Mayor’s discomfort, asking whether she had set aside funds to pay this from the 2018 budget or whether she was going to dump the problem on the next Town Council after the municipal elections. They are obviously presupposing that María Eugenia Rufino will lose the next election.

According to the court’s findings, the Town Hall has to cough up 10,000 euros in compensation. The new wall and tennis courts are going to costs 118,4369 euros, according to experts consulted by the judge.

Then there’s 128,000 in court expenses, as well as the 400,000 euros over the compulsory purchase in the previous court sentence…

In fact the PP calculates that it is going to cost the town’s coffers some 600,000 euros over the Salomar 2000 affair. But then again, a member of the PP has an apartment in Salomar 2000 so that the jubilation throbbing through the party might not all be about the greater good of the good folks of Salobreña.

(News: Salobreña, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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