Women at the Oars

LHR Female Rowing TeamA team of volunteers made its wasy from Cabo de Gato de Málaga in a Jábega, which is an open, oar-propelled, fishing boat.

In La Herradura Luis Aragón, who is the councillor for just about everything, including ‘little fiddly bits & thumb puppets, was on the each to welcome them when they landed after having completed the sixth leg – the penultimate one of the whole trip.

So, what’s it all about (Alfie)? Well, the expedition, which has been sponsored by the Provincial Council of Málaga, aims at promoting women in sports in general, and rowing teams specifically.

A dozen women from the Escuela Provincial de Jábega, together with a male oarsman from the Club Deportivo La Espailla and two oarswomen from ART, made up the team.

OK, what you might be asking is what the hell is a Jábega, right? It’s a traditional fishing smack that used a dragnet.

Anyway, the crew arrived exhausted, and dragged the 500-kilo rowing boat up onto the sand, knowing that they would have to push it back into the water in the first hours of light night day to avoid the hottest hours whilst rowing the next leg, which was Torre del Mar 20 nautical miles away.

The whole route covered 107 nautical miles divided into eight legs, which apart from exhausting, have been dangerous as well – one of the crew needed 15 stitches in her arm.

(News: La Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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