Waiter Copies Credit Card

SPN Point of Sale TerminalThe Supreme Court has confirmed a waiter’s 5-year, prison sentence for cloning a diners’ credit card at the restaurant where he worked.

On the 22nd of October 2013 the waiter took a female customer’s credit card away, saying that the restaurant’s point-of-sale terminal (card reader) wasn’t working. During the time that he had the card, he and an accomplice copied the card details and later on made a clone.

The following month he used the card to run up a bill of 1,281 euros in a pub. As he didn’t know the PIN he opted for signing the ticket by pushing the relevant button on the point-of-sale terminal, however this raised the suspicions of the barman who had previously selected the PIN mode. Consequently, he made a note of the condemned man’s DNI.

The victim of this case of fraud had made a statement before the police that she had found a payment for 1,281 euros on her credit-card that she had not authorised, adding that she had been in a restaurant a month previously where she had lost sight of her card for the reasons explained above and that she suspected that this incident could have something to do with the mysterious credit-card bill.

(News: Madrid, Spain)

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