Hanging on for Dear Life

SPN Picos de EuropaA British climber was rescued by the Guardia Civil mountain-rescue team last weekend in the Picos de Europa after having spent three hours clinging on over a precipice.

The 69-year-old man had slipped  and had he not managed to hang on to protruding vegetation, he would have plummeted to his death.

Hanging on for dear life he managed to use his mobile with one hand and alert his family back in the UK, who in turn alerted the Spanish authorities.

“I have no idea how he managed to free a hand to phone because just one false move would have sent him tumbling down 200 metres,” explained one of the rescuers.

The climber, who had become lost in the mist, spent the night with his rescuers in a tent, waiting for daylight and the rescue helicopter.

(News: Picos de Europa, Castilla-Leon)

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