Devastating Explosion in Galicia

SPN Firework ExplosionA tremendous explosion ripped a house apart and damaged many others after a clandestine firework store blew up in Galicia.

So far there is one person reported dead and 27 others injured after the detonation levelled a radius of 300 metres around the house in Tui and the blast shattered windows up to four kilometres away.

One victim in an adjacent house phoned in to say that there were three people trapped in her demolished home

The Spanish bomb-disposal unit, TEDAX has finished clearing the demolished installations of explosive material.

The house was being used as a store for explosive material, but had no special and necessary safety measures in place. The owner, Francisco R., who owns the firework company, La Gallega, has been arrested and charged with manslaughter.

More to come as the situation becomes clearer.

(News: Tui, Galicia)

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