Changing Street Names

SAL La CaletaThe councillors in charge of the Casco Antiguo (Old Town) and La Caleta in Salobreña want to get rid of repetitious street names.

At the moment there are streets such as Juan XXIII, Albaycín Bajo, Arrabal Villa and Ramblilla that have a letter after them (A,B,C etc) which in the case of Calle Fuente reach as high as ‘L.’

Obviously, this causes confusion: is this letter for Calle Fuente A Nº15 or Calle Fuente B Nº15, for example, if somebody forgets the distinguishing letter ending?

So the idea is that only Calle Fuente A retains its name and the rest all get different street names. Furthermore, it won’t be the Town Hall that chooses the new street names; instead it will be put up for popular vote. All told 30 streets will get a name change.

With this in mind the Citizen Information Office (OAC) within the Town Hall has copies of a list which you are free to take in order to participate in the name choosing. Participants have until the 29th of June to submit their choice.

On the 1st of July suggestions will be counted and a decision made at the following Plenary Meeting of the Town Hall Council.

Now, the Councillor for the Old Town, Gabriel Jerónimo, hopes that the suggestions don’t prove to be controversial, thus names of popes, politicians, saints and soldiers are excluded. He hopes that suggestions will include the names of illustrious Salobreñeros or ones referring to physical characteristics of the street concerned. (Dog Poo Lane is out).

Editorial comment: great idea but there is a downside, which is that everybody who lives in a street with a change of name will have to get their DNI and Driving Licence updated to include the new information… a bureaucratic nightmare.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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