Cecilia McWeeny Chacón

ALM Cecilia ChaconCecilia McWeeny Chacón, long-term resident of Almuñécar, has received  official recognition for her dedication to helping others in need.

The title, Hija Adoptiva (Adopted Daughter) was bestowed on Cecilia by the Mayor with the unanimous backing of all political parties.

Cecila McWeeny Chacón (Born in Bradford in 1940) arrived in Almuñécar in the 60s by chance – she had been on holiday in Scandiavia where she met an Almuñequero who spoke highly of his hometown…

She not only loved Almuñécar but also fell in love with local, Paco Chacón. She went back to the UK, threw in her job and moved out to live in 1967 for good.

She is well known both in the Spanish and foreign communities for her AECC and social work through the Church.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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