Skiing Accident

GRA Pradollano Sierra NevadaSkiing instructress, May Rodríguez, was knocked down by a hit-&-run snowboarder whilst she was giving a class on the Sierra Nevada.

As a result of the accident on the 17th of March, she spent two weeks in hospital, one of them in the ICU.

She was accompanying a pupil on the Río Ski Slope when the snowboarder slammed into her back. Thanks to fellow instructors and medical staff from the company that runs the ski station, Cetursa, she was taken by stretcher to the medical clinic in Pradollano and from there to the PTS general hospital in the city of Granada.

The culprit fled the scene of the accident and so far the Guardia Civil has not been able to identify him or her. On the day of the accident adverse weather conditions meant that visibility was difficult as well strong gusting winds

Owing to spinal damage she has lost some use of her limbs resulting in mobility problems.

(News: Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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