Salobreña Bus Station

Photo: infocostatropical

Photo: infocostatropical

Fresh from denouncing the ‘cannibalising’ of a municipal ambulance, the PP opposition leader in Salobreña has turned his criticism to the bus stop.

Councillor Gustavo Aybar, considers it “incomprehensible” that the ruling social party has turned the town into a ‘tourism municipality’ when visitors arriving by bus are greeted by a bench under a bus shelter rather than a bus station.

What, he wonders, must the 25,000 tourists that visit each year think, when they see the state of the ‘bus stop arrangement.’

“There isn’t even a physical place to buy a bus ticket because the ticket kiosk is always closed, adding to confusion,” he complained.

The sub-bus station on the other side of the main road is finished but it isn’t in use and according to the said councillor, the ruling party is in no hurry to get it up and running.

For this reason he asks the Mayor, Sra. Rufino, to “get her finger out” and get the new installations operative.

(News: Salobreña, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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