Willy Vs. God

SPN El Coño InsumisoThe Spanish actor, Willy Toledo, said that he “shits on God and has enough left for the Holy Dogma and the Virgin Mary,” on facebook. Now he has to go before a judge.

The reason that this mince-few-words, radical-left, actor made this statement is that a group of women who held a Semana-Santa-like procession bearing the ‘El Coño Insumiso’ (the Rebellious Pussy) on a throne, were denounced by the Association of Christian Lawyers and face criminal charges. Now the same association has sued Willy Toledo.

Willy Toledo flatly refuses to present himself before a judge and stated where he would be on the day of the summons – on stage performing: “Come and arrest me but I am not going to participate in this farce.”

He explained that the judge wanted him to appear in a private room, together with the legal representative for the association, but Mr Toledo wants a public arrest and trial, so that everybody can witness how ridiculous he considers the situation to be.

He says that he is angry that such an affair (the women’s procession) could ever end up in front of a judge in 21st Century Europe.

But in Spain, many people consider things under the present government have changed so much that controversial song lyrics will get you a prison sentence, as is the case of a rapper. Puppeteers ended up in prison for presenting a play, that in the opinion of the Public Prosecutor, justified terrorism.

Recently, a woman was sentenced to prison for making a joke about Franco’s PM getting blown up in his car – in the early 80’s a very famous comedy duet (Tip y Col) had made the same joke, but back then, there was more freedom of expression and of course, nobody thought that they should go to prison, or if they did neither the Government of the time nor the Judiciary System agreed with them.

Latest developments in Spain finds politically appointed Public Prosecutors taking people to court for offending religious sensibilities. but as

Willy Toledo remarked, “If a neighbour on the 1st floor insults me before one on the second floor, then a judge would ask me if I felt insulted by his words – let the Virgin Mary, whose virginity I dispute – come down and tell the judge if she feels insulted.”

Editorial comment: People are entitled to their beliefs, but laws against blasphemy (as this is, but by another name) do not belong in modern Europe. When a cartoon of Mohammed appeared in France of him wearing an explosive belt, Spaniards praised the author’s Freedom of Speech versus protesting devout Muslims, but when it is the Virgin Mary in Spain…

(News: Spain)

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