Huge CD Almuñécar City Title Game

What are you doing on Sunday? Well, whatever it is, cancel it immediately and get your botty along to the Municipal Stadium  Football team 2 (Francisco Bonet) in Almuñécar. You can watch athletic skills, dexterity and fetching goodlooks… but enough about the photographer in the black cap on the sidelines, our local football club CD Almuñécar City are taking on Motril B. If City win or draw, they are the champions of 3a Andaluza and gain promotion!

Despite initial stadium issues, player paperwork problems and in some matches, truly bizarre refereeing decisions, the team has come through having only lost one game to date. Player/manager George Jermy always believed that the team could win over doubters, get promoted and become part of local Almuñécar life.

He was right! With an official fan club, whose members are 95% Spanish locals and a strong expat following, CD Almuñécar City has brought a high standard of football back to the underused stadium and more importantly to the town. A great deal of this is due to Chris Darwen who George brought onboard early on and who has helped City become a local, national and international social media phenomenon, with players from all over the world asking to be part of the project. It’s clear that with George’s superb football management, playing and training skills, coupled with Chris’s media and managerial savvy… CDAC can only progress further.

Football team 3On a personal level, I love to look up into the stands and see Pedro our local greengrocer, Antonio the local baker and Fernando the owner of La Ventura, along with all their friends, holding up their City scarves, alongside English, French, Norwegian and Americans supporters, cheering City on. To me, that in itself is huge achievement.

Make sure you’re there on Sunday to support City towards a win, becoming champions of 3a Andaluza and promotion!


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