Generous Police & Fire Service

ALM Policia y Bomberos entregan a CáritasA total of 10,400 euros was raised by the Almuñécar Police and Fire Service in favour of Cáritas (Catholic Church Charity).

They raised the funds through a series of sports and leisure activities over the last few months.

Quite a few politicians were present when representatives from the police and fire departments handed over a symbolic cheque for the 10,400 euros in the main parish church.

The idea came up over a cup of coffee amongst friends and work companions where it was decided that the two municipal services should become more involved in the plight of those in need.

“In 2015 we did our first fund-raising initiative and we did it again in 2017,” explained police officer, Jose Manuel Medina.

This year’s activities took place in Aquatropic and consisted of games and sports, as well as a ‘catwalk’ with policemen and firemen in the Casa de la Cultura. There was also a cycle race this month in which many parents and their children participated.

Upon receiving the donation, the Head of Cáritas thanked the firemen and policemen, as well as the people who had participated in the activities, for their generous efforts. He pointed out that the money collected represented almost 13% of the charity’s budget and would thus cover an important part of local needs.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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