Franco’s Grandson…

Franco’s grandson went before a judge in Teruel and could face a 6-year-imprisonment sentence… for being just a little bit naughty.

Francis Franco Martínez-Bordiú had a run in with the Guardia Civil in April, 2012 over a driving incident. And when we say run in, we mean run into a patrol car.

Now, at the hearing held at the end of last month he claimed that one of his employees was at the wheel, Silviu Nicolae, whom the Guardia Civil state, was in fact sat in the passenger’s seat.

But let’s get back to the accident. The car in which Franco’s grandson was travelling was hurtling along a road at night with no lights – the police patrol were delighted and set off in pursuit. This ended with the offending vehicle being driven into the patrol car and injuries caused to one of the policemen.

Now, Franco III claimed back in his original hearing that he was not in the car but was really in Madrid – a story that he stuck to at the hearing, backed up by witnesses, but unfortunately for him (and his handy witnesses), his mobile-phone records put him at the scene of the accident.

He claims that the first that he had heard of the accident was when the Guardia Civil phoned his office with instructions to hand over the car keys – in his opinion, in a very inquisitorial manner (bear in mind that his granddad was El Caudillo, General Franco.)

He also claims that he doesn’t drive – he doesn’t like gears – and that he invariably uses a chauffeur, oh, and that in his nearby hunting estate there are telephones in his name for the use of personnel and guests – the car uses a tablet for navigation with a chip in his name, too.

The judge was not impressed, especially as the injured policeman personally recognised Franco III at the wheel of the car.

The case continues.

(News: Teruel, Zaragoza)

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