Bogus Policeman Kidnapping

The provincial law courts in Madrid have sentenced a man to five years’ imprisonment for the attempted kidnapping of a young woman, whilst impersonating a policeman.

The incident took place in March 2017 in the Moratalaz district of the city at a bus stop where the girl was sitting, crying. The man approached the 21-year-old girl saying that he was a plain-clothes, Guardia Civil policeman and asked her why she was crying.

The girl explained that she had had an argument with her boyfriend. Just then the bus arrived and she made to get on but he held her back, telling her to calm down, Surprised, she told him that she just wanted to go home. At this, he handcuffed her hands behind her back and told her that she had to accompany him to the police station.

Fortunately, a real, off-duty, policeman saw what was happening and walked over and began to question the man about what he was doing. Only moments had passed when a police patrol turned up, at which point the man tried to jettison the wallet containing a Guardia Civil badge, and then removed the handcuff from the girl. He was immediately arrested.

During the trial the man attempted to explain away the handcuffing, saying that he did it because she was distressed – the judge considered this as “illogical nonsense.” His defence lawyer took line of claiming that his client had suffered a “psychotic episode” brought on by drugs and alcohol, something the judge rejected.

The real policeman gave his evidence saying, that he had seen two people talking and overheard the comment, “if you’re going to arrest me, do it.” However, it surprised him that the supposed policeman was acting alone, arrests are carried out by at least two policemen. He also commented the that bogus policeman was completely relaxed as if he had done it before.

(News: Madrid)

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