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Dutch Sexual Predator Captured

By Vivienne Hughes

The most wanted sexual predator from the Netherlands was arrested in a small commune outside Barcelona this weekend past. »

Missing Girl Hoax

By Martin Myall

There's a 'missing girl' hoax going around the social media and the Policía Local in the city of Granada are warning people not to be taken in by it. »

Bogus Policeman Kidnapping

By Martin Myall

The provincial law courts in Madrid have sentenced a man to five years' imprisonment for the attempted kidnapping of a young woman, whilst impersonating a policeman. »

Dangerous King

By Vivienne Hughes

The police in Carabanchel (Madrid) arrested a 43-year-old man for allegedly trying to kidnap a young boy during a Three-Kings' parade. »

Guilty of Throwing Children Down A Well

By Hugh MacArthur

A man has been sentenced to 65 years' imprisonment for the kidnapping of two young children of eight and ten and throwing them into a well. The incident took place in the summer of 2011. »

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