No Trains Still

GRA Train StationPeople in the province of Granada aren’t so much worried that the high-speed rail link hasn’t reached the city, but that there are simply no trains at all.

Yes, Granada train station was cut off from the national rail network in preparation for the imminent arrival of the AVE train service, which required major work to the lines coming into the station – they had to approach the city via nonexistent underground railway lines.

But that was April 2015 and nothing has happened since then, accept that you have to take a bus from Granada to the nearest working line, over in the province of Málaga.

The Minster of Public Works (Fomento) came down from Madrid and paid a visit to nearby Antequera but stayed well clear of Granada because of a ‘busy agenda;’ many believe that he was just too embarrassed to show his face there after so many empty promises.

The Junta pledged to pay for the burying of the access line to the city if the Central Government would confirm without a doubt that the AVE would indeed reach the city, however, no response was given to this offer.

(News: Metropolitan Granada, Andalucia)

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