Ferry Stowaway Death

MOT Tinamar Ferry OnLA North African man died in the early hours of Thursday the 26th of October whilst trying to stowaway beneath a lorry that was boarding a ferry in Melilla destined for Motril Port.

The accident occurred at 07.50h. The port police in this Spanish, North African town received an alert from the ferry crew that a man had fallen from beneath a lorry as it was rolling aboard the Volcán de Tinamar and was crushed by the wheels.

Medical staff were quickly on the scene but there was nothing that they could do for him other than pronounce him dead. Port authorities have stated that they are not sure exactly why he fell out from beneath the heavy vehicle.

The incident meant that the departure of the ferry was delayed from its 08.00h sailing time until 09.30h, as the body could not be removed until the coroner authorised the removal.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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