Viva Cassette Tapes!

SAL Tendencias 2017Feeling nostalgic about cassette tapes? Well, you’ve still got a chance until the 15th of August to see an exhibition on them in the Salobreña Municipal Library!

The exhibition was on display in the Bóveda from the 1st until the 5th – that’s the tunnel lane running beneath Salobreña church, more or less – which was very popular with the locals and visitors alike. It has since been moved to the Municipal Library.

The exhibition is a tribute to this great invention that, for the first time, allowed you to take your music collection and play it outside your home, as you walked a long. OK, who didn’t have one of those suitcase record players? But you still had the problem of plugging it in, unlike the cassette machines, which ran on batteries… smartie pants!

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I actually found a small ghetto blaster recently that has a tape deck incorporated along with the CD player so I snapped the blighter up for all my old tapes! Admittedly, it chewed the first one up, but hey!

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