Asking for Trouble

SPN Blow HereA day that will go down in the annals of breathalyser tales is the 10th of May, 2015 when a biker, who was clearly well over the limit, uttered the immortal words…

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

It was five in the morning in an unnamed town in Galicia when two municipal policemen saw a man stagger towards his motorbike with the clear intentions of getting on it. So they approached, calling to him. But instead of desisting, he mounted it and sped off, showing a scant regard for traffic lights.

Owing to his inebriated state, it wasn’t long before he lost control of the bike and fell off without damaging himself (alcohol turns bones to rubber). The police picked him off the ground and informed him that they were going to breathalyse him.

His response was colourful and imaginative but not conducive of a round of backslapping and an exchange of addresses for Christmas cards, so they marched him over to the police van for a breathalyser test. However, he just put it in his mouth and wouldn’t blow.

And this is where our hero achieves fame because he dropped him trousers, exposing his penis and said, “blow here.” A policeman sharply informed him that if he continued with this attitude, he would be brought before a magistrate over his inappropriate conduct in public and before a police officer.

Undeterred and obviously on a roll, he responded, “then he can come here and blow here too!”

Later he did appear before a magistrate and was handed down a 9-month, suspended sentence and had his licence suspended for 15 months.

One month later he was found riding his bike, drunk and when stopped and presented with a breathalyser apparatus, he offered the same suggestion…

(News: Galicia)

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