The Seat 600 Is Born

The 27th of last month saw the 60th anniverasy of the most symbollic car in Spanish history – the Seat 600, affectionately known as the pelotilla (little ball) amongst other nicknames.

When the car came out, there was a year waiting list and it cost 68,000 pesetas (€390) when the average monthly salary was just 8,000 pesetas (€40).

The appearance of this car, which was based on the Italian Fiat 600 and made under licence in Barcelona, began an epoch known as the Spanish Miracle, leaving the dour post-civil-war years behind, providing a budding middle class with a means of family transport.

Back in those days, Spanish families were numerous where a dozen children was far from uncommon… and they all used to squeeze in, together with the bird cage, dog and grandmother.

There are still many proud owners of the emblematic car which began production in June 1957 and finished in 1973. The last one to roll off the production line was baptised by the workers with the legend: you were born a prince and died a king.

(News: Spain)

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