D-Day Landings at Benidorm

SPN D-Day in BenidormYup, this weekend Benidorm has played host to a historical reenactment of the D-Day Landings, put on by 200 members of the Codex Belix historical group on the Playa Poniente.

This historical group has members from many nations and liases with ex-forces associations, such as the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force and even the Chelsea Pensioners; and that’s only the British ones because the French and Belgian forces associations are also included.

The 3-day event started on Friday the 16th and wraps up today, Sunday the 18th: On Friday all the military period vehicles were on display, including tanks, armoured cars and field artillery. There were also all kinds of uniforms from different eras.

Saturday was the D-Day Landings reenactment, which even had a WW2 landing craft and 200 soldiers in German and American uniforms, plus plenty of 1940’s music.

Finally, today it is the turn of the Battle for Salerno (Italy 1943). Again, WW2 vehicles, uniforms, and weapons whilst the Red Velvets and Dr Bogarde will be hammering out 40’s swing.

Personally, have never been too keen on visiting Benidorm but this would have been one visit well worth the trip. Why not take a look at their website, www.codexbelix.es

(News: Benidorm, Valencia)

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