Motril Cleaner Assaulted

MOT Cuartel de SimancasA street cleaner in Motril was attacked whilst he was cleaning an area of town that had not been cleaned in a long time; i.e., near the Cuartel de Simancas.

The worker “found himself having to abandon” the area.

You see, the locals have complained repeatedly about the lack of street cleaning there, but to no avail, so they took to cleaning the streets themselves. So, when a street cleaner did eventually turn up, they saw red, so to speak.

According to the workers representative, this incident is just the “tip of an enormous iceberg,” and something that the cleaning workers have been experiencing for some time; no matter which party has been heading the Town Council.

The union considers that this public company is slowly being “dismantled and is under-funded.”

Responding to the “aggression” the company has stated that they will clean, where they can, when they can, with the meagre resources that a series of Town Councils have supplied.

“Fruit of the cuts made by the Partido Popular and the continuity of this policy by the present Town Council (PSOE and Andalucistas), the staff has been reduced by 30% – that’s 50 workers fewer, whilst at the same time the area to be cleaned has been increased,” explained the workers’ representative.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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