Conmen Strike in Orgiva

The police in Órgiva (Alpujarra) have arrested three men, aged between 30 and 48 years of age, two of whom were gasmen for stealing a large sum of cash from an elderly man.

The two bogus gasmen had carried out a ‘check up’ of the 86-year-old victim’s house and whilst doing so had allegedly stolen 20,000 euros in cash that the man kept locked in a bedsite-cabinet drawer.

The third arrested man, part of the team of trickers, passed himself off as an alarm installer.

The gasmen visited the man’s home on the 2nd of May to carry out the inspection and were paid in cash. However, they saw the man take it out of a envelope containing a lot of notes, which was placed back in the drawer.

Three days later they returned with the third man: the two gasmen hid outside whilst the alarm installer talked his way inside trying convince the man of the necessity of having an alarm (the irony of it!, leaving the door open.

They made there way into the bedroom, as so as not to make a noise forcing open the drawer, they carried the bedside cabinet outside.

This is all ‘allegedly’ of course.

The broken bedside cabinet appeared along the Órgiva-Vélez de Benaudalla road. The Guardia Civil in the meantime located several eyewitnesses to the suspects coming out of the house with the said piece of furniture.

Even more damningly, the police also found a pieces of wood from the bedside cabinet, which fitted perfectly, in the car boot belonging to one of them.

(News: Orgiva, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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