Taxi Drivers vs. Chauffers

AND Car Arson 02The growing rumble of war drums between taxi drivers and chauffeur companies, such as Cabify, has seemingly erupted into an arson attack on several parked cars belonging to the latter.

A total of nine cars were torched in Sevilla during the night/early morning of the 3rd/4th of May; all Cabify cars that had been moved to the city to cover the extra work generated by the April Fair there.

The cars were parked in a hotel car park in Castilblanco de los Arroyos belonging to Hotel La Villa Rural, where the chauffers lodged.

The Unión Nacional de Autoturismos VTC (Unauto) issued a detailed communique on the incident, whilst the Director General for Cabify in Spain, Mariano Silveyra, explained that everybody had been very worried, because there were more cars parked at the location and that there was a danger of the flames not only spreading to them, but also to nearby houses.

AND Car Arson 03Sr. Silveryra said that that he did not know – which is not the same is did not suspect – who had carried out the arson attack, but lost no time in reporting the incident to the Guardia Civil, who are investigating the crime.

We say, ‘suspect’ because the company has suffered a series of confrontations with Sevilla-based taxis, involving insults, threats and chases.

Finally, the Chairman of Unauto has requested an urgent interview with the Minister of the Interior.

(News: Sevilla, Andalucia)

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