Big Name Arrives at Motril Port

MOT Freight Forwarders OnLFreight-forwarding company González Gaggero S.L, has announced that it will be operating out of Motril Port, the port authorities have announced.

This shipping agent is one of the top international ones operating at this end of the Mediterranean, which is why Motril is interesting with its Melilla, Nador, Alhucemas and Tangiers connections.

The more ferry and freight-transport companies that set up shop in Motril, the more major freight-forwarding agencies are attracted to the benefits of Motril’s favourable geographical location.

González Gaggero S.L., which was founded in 1914, adds prestige to the port, considers, the Head of Motril Port, Francisco Álvarez de la Chica, and their arrival will further stimulate other companies to do the same.

Todate there are seven freight forwarders working out of Motril: Bernardino Abad, Tansbull, Tránsito 2.000, Logística López Guillén, Motril Shipping y Consignaciones and Estibas Motril.

Editorial comment: now, if the Central Government does’t find yet another spanner to throw in the works, things can only be looking up!


(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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