The Wave

LHR Beach Defence Work OnLIn an article yesterday we spoke of wave erosion and that how not everybody was happy with the construction of beach defences – here’s why, or better said, who.

Surfers in La Herradura speak of a wave called La Derecha, which is a 3-metre wave that sweeps into the bay when there is a poniente wind blowing. Not only local surfers but ones from all over the southern coast of Spain come to La Herradura to ride that wave.

So, if beach defences are built, designed to break up wave action before it hits the beach, then it’s goodbye to this attraction. In short, it’s a major tourist attraction and the wave’s loss would be economically felt.

Yet, the beaches in general are 99% of the reasons that tourists come to the village in the first place and if something isn’t done about these ever-more frequent gales ravaging the sand, then the economic impact will be even greater.

The groyne is going to be built to the right of the mouth of Río Jate, in the Peña Parda area. In fact, work has already begun. The groyne, if that is the correct word for such a structure, is in fact a submerged barrier that will stop the waves building up.

According to surfers there are only three waves of this kind between Tarifa and Almería: Carchuna, Maro and La Herradura. It’s a ‘clean’ wave as there is no sand on the seabed in front of the rivermouth. Besides, some point out, the beach defences won’t stop the beach being eroded by the levante currents.

(Note: poniente and levante terms refer to East and West: poniente is where the son sets and levante is where the sun rises.)


(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Still from Video)