How Much Do You Love Your Dog?

In Cabra, which is a town in the province of Cordoba, there is a vet that treats tumours in pets using a novel treatment… for pets that is.

Clinica Ciovet has a lineal accelorator, meaning that it can administer radiotherapy when chimio and normal sugery are not possible.

Yes this town of 20,000 inhabitants is becoming the beacon for cancer-treatment in pets, thanks to Clínica Ciovet. Spaniards travel to Houston, Texas for cancer treatment and pets from all across Spain are taken to Cabra.

The norm in Spain when cancer is discovered in a dog, for example, is to have it put down; either because it is too expensive to treat or because, it’s just a pet at the end of the day, yet more and more Spanish pet owners are treating their mutt like another member of the family.

And it’s not cheap: a treatment lasting between two and three weeks will cost nearly 2,800 euros. If the owner can’t stick around for that amount of time, then the patient will have to be hospitalised, which is another expense on top.

There is even a specialised hotel/hostel in the town that caters for the pets and their owners, but you won’t even need that because the veterinary clinic also gives 24-hour care to ‘patients,’ sending whatsapp photos to the pet owners after each treatment so that they can see how their pet is doing.

Ciovet, which belongs to the Oncosur Group, was until recently an oncological centre for people, but when they opened a new clinic in the city of Córdoba, they decided to convert the old centre into a veterinary clinic.

All the equipment was in place, the only thing that wasn’t was a anesthesia machine; something that is not needed for humans – where as you can tell a human patient to remain absolutely still, it is rare that a dog is going to do the same.

At the moment they’re only treating dogs and cat; mostly dogs, as dog owners tend to be ‘closer’ their pet than cat owners. However, only size is the limitation – you can’t lift a horse onto the the machine platform.

(News: Cabra, Cordoba, Andalucia)

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