Dangerous King

spn-3-kings-madrid-onlThe police in Carabanchel (Madrid) arrested a 43-year-old man for allegedly trying to kidnap a young boy during a Three-Kings’ parade.

The incident occurred at a crossroads when, although the parade had concluded, there was still a large crowd.

Amongst the crowd was a group of minors who were about to use a zebra crossing when the suspect, dressed as one of the Three Kings, grabbed an 8-year-old by the arm, and attempted to hide him below his heavy cloak, as he fled the scene.

Fortunately, the boy was accompanied by his 10-year-old cousin who realised what had happened and began to shout for help. Both the family members and passersby, as well as two policemen on foot patrol, reacted and managed to trap the suspect and free the child.

Such was the ensuing struggle two more policeman were called in to help. The police also suspect that the arrested man might have mental issues.

(News: Carabanchel, Madrid)

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