Motril Burglar Arrested

mot-local-police-patrol-onlThe Motril municipal police arrested a burglar during the 1st weekend of November in the north of the town, thanks the help of the house owner and a neighbour.

The suspect had already been arrested on the 15th of October for another attempted burglary in the same area – he had also been surprised inside and fled only to be caught later.

The Councillor for Citizen Safety explained that in this latest incident the 39-year-old man had accessed the house after having scaled walls in neighbouring houses.

The man was discovered by the house owner, who, with the help of a neighbour, managed to stop him escaping before the arrival of the police. The police unit had been patrolling the area precisely because of previous break-ins in the immediate vicinity.

In fact, the police already had the man’s description because he had allegedly tried to gain access to another house that very  day.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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