Magic Festival in Granada

gra-magic-festivalThe Granada International Magic Festival, Hocus Pocus, will be celebrating its 15th birthday from the 19th of November.

Furthermore, from the 14th to the 27th there will be an exhibition of the festival’s posters through the years at the Casa de Porras running form the 14th to the 27th.

One of the magicians taking part is the top national act, Jorge Blass, who is a well known TV personality. He will be presenting his own show, The Art of Magic, at the Teatro Isabel la Católica on the 25th – plenty of levitation, appearances and disappearances there, as long as it is not the doorman with the cash box.

Other participating illusionists will be the Argentinean, Henry Evans who is the World Champion at card tricks.

Other favourites are Pepe Lirrojo, Mago Tetto, the scatty magician Isaac, the scientific magic of Jordi Camí and even the singer, magician & ventriloquist, Ana Morro, and many more.

The kiddies gala will be on the 20th at the Parque de las Ciencias, which is the opening attraction for a whole week of magical fun.

Here’s a link so that you can find out more about this very popular magic festival.

(News/Entertainment: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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