Junta Taken to Court?

ECO RamblaThe Spokeswoman for the PP in Motril, Luisa Mª García Chamorro, announced that if the ramblas weren’t cleared this week, her party would take legal action against the Junta.

A couple of weeks ago the governing party in Motril stated, “within one or two weeks the clearing process will begin,” however, nothing has happened.

Nothing has happened since then only the lack of much needed rain has perhaps averted flooding at least, or even a disaster should the rains come in the form of an intense cloud burst.

It is the Junta which is responsible for this task, which is governed by the same party as Motril. A provincial delegate for the regional government explained a fortnight ago that their inactivity had been because of a threefold demand for their storm clearing services – not enough funds had been foreseen.

Editorial comment: We have the conservative Central Government through the Costas Department that completely cocked up beach regeneration, leaving it until the beaches were full of summer tourists, and now we have the socialists Regional Government, who not only have failed to act so far, but have even stepped in a stopped Almuñécar doing the task themselves.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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