Guard Bulls

spn-guard-bulls-onlYou’ve heard of guard dogs, of course, well one scrap-yard owner has decided to go nuclear and now employs guard bulls.

The scrapyard owner in Montserrat, Valencia is sick to death of thieves breaking in, and having lost numerous guard dogs to poison etc, he decided to grab the bull by the horns and use a couple of them, letting ‘few-friends’ bulls roam free around his scrapyard during the night.

Guess what! The break-ins have dropped off!

Some of his guard dogs were poisoned and two were run over, once the thieves had driven through the broken gates. Try running down a 400-kilo bull, because if you do, your car would end up in a scrapyard, as a result!

Oh, the bulls have company; a couple of wild boars

The yard owners believes that the thieves, who carried out seven break-ins during the summer, are probably young lads looking for ‘cheap’ spare parts for their cars, rather than an organised gang, for example.

Viva España!

(News: Monserrat, Valencia)

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