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ftr-danish-jesAs we speak – or rather, as I write – it is still uncertain whether or not Mr and Mrs Denmark are going to the polling stations this autumn, only little more than a year after the latest election.

Smoke signals, drum beats and self anointed experts say yes and no alternately, the big question being, will the government and its supporters – if it has any – be able to knit together this years finance bill and have it passed?

The ultimate demands from what used to be governmental supporters look like road signs towards a new election, LA (no, this is not a major city in California, USA, but a Liberal Alliance) demanding fewer taxes for the richest, DF, the folk music party, equally ultimately demanding that this demand be rejected.

Otherwise we can’t support the government and we pull the polling stations in, they both say.

Me, I say the Danish tax administration has long ago been shot to smithereens by swindlers, governments, ministers and the administration’s own incompetence, costing the nation losses on the several billion kroner scale.

So let us all pay more taxes and leap out of the closet as what we really are: Stand-up comedians. Why not? Half the population are stand-up comedians these days anyway, only not all of them know it. A friend of mine, a musician, once said “stand-up comedians are grown-ups with baby colic” I don’t know about that, but it’s a good punch line for a standup
comedian all the same.

Recently, a brand new party has entered the political stage, even more liberal than the liberals and more right wing than the folk musicians and more xenophobic, too. Welcome to the show everybody, let the comedy begin, we’re all stand-uppers.

Only, just now, I don’t feel very Danish-comedianish: Oh, death, where is thy sting, grave where is thy victory asks the Bible and with it G.F. Handel in his great oratory The Messiah.

Listening to this grand music I answer: Right here. Here on my balcony, where I’m looking out over my modest garden is sting and victory galore. I lost my mother only a couple of weeks ago, and she suffered terribly throughout her last years, months and minutes on earth. I gladly pay my taxes, but it seems not enough to pay for the social institutions to let old people have a dignified life and a dignified death.

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