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Decathlon Motril Opens

By Vivienne Hughes

The new Decathlon store on the equally new shopping centre in Motril opened last week and immediately attracted hundreds of shoppers. »

Motril’s New Businesses Open

By Martin Myall

The businesses going up on the shopping centre next to Al Campo in Motril are beginning to open their doors. »

Kradsbørstig and Krible-Krable

By Jes Rasmussen

Animal Farm is here. Not George Orwell’s political pigs, horses and hounds, but all kinds of little krible-krable creatures and maybe the occasional bird. »

Beware of the Nissehue

By Jes Rasmussen

Midsummer is something very Danish. And very wet. I suppose it’s midsummer all over the world, but since we were Vikings, we seem to have taken everything into property. »

Beginnings, Endings and Putin’s Cousin

By Jes Rasmussen

I love beginnings. Endings and what comes in between, I'm not too keen on. Beginnings are the best. We're talking books here, not lives or love affairs. Well, maybe the very short love affairs but certainly not life. »

Farewell Prins Henrik

By Jes Rasmussen

(COE22) Late in the evening on Tuesday 13th of February the Danish prince consort, Prins Henrik, died in Fredensborg Castle after a period of severe illness. »

The Mermaid & Barcelona

By Jes Rasmussen

My friend Antonio, who owns a bar on the Granada coast is, I guess, about the nicest, gentlest man on earth. Also the cleanliest. »

Danish Toddler Drowns

By Vivienne Hughes

A Danish toddler drowned in a private pool on a rented rural property in Llucmajor, Mallorca on the last day of July. »

Happiness & Stuff

By Jes Rasmussen

Back on the Costa Granadina it’s so nice to have summer back. At least I think so after a great September in Denmark and a not so nice opening of October. Pepe doesn’t agree, though. »

Stand-up Politics

By Jes Rasmussen

As I write, it is still uncertain whether or not Mr and Mrs Denmark are going to the polling stations this autumn, only little more than a year after the latest election. »

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