Lujar Road Opens

TECO Lujar GR-5207he Motril-Lújar road, which has been closed since the fire last summer, will be reopened to traffic as of Monday the 5th of September.

The fire last July destroyed 80% of the 37 sq/kms of the municipality, amongst it some of the most beautiful Spanish-oak on the Costa Tropical.

The said road, the GR-5207, starts on the Motril-Gualchos GR-5209 and passes through Lújar before ending in Los Carlos, where it joins the GR-5206.

Of course, the fire not only destroyed forest and mountain brush, but also damaged the road so that the work had to be carried out to reinforce the structure where the barrancos empty out via arched channels under the road.

Even with the reopening of the road, there is still more work to be carried out, both on the road, as well as the surrounding hillsides.

(News: Lujar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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