Burriana Parking Problems

AXA Burriana Parking OnLThe long-awaited underground parking facilities on Nerja’s Playa Burriana remains shut during Semana Santa, despite promises to the contrary.

The car park was inaugurated last July by the previous Mayor, José Alberto Armijo yet owing to numerous defects it its construction, it will not be opened until at least the 1st of May.

The 241-parking-space construction was financed by a loan, taken out by the Town hall and provided by the Ministry of Tourism.

The present Councillor for this department, Cristina Fernández (EVA-Podemos), pointed out the defects discovered by new administration, namely flooding caused by the watertable, “as the structure was built on top of a spring.” A cistern was built under the car park to collect the water, which requires the constant use of pumps to empty it.

Another problem is the instability of the hillside on top of the parking; rain fall often brings earth and stones down onto the back wall and outside stairs.

Another problem is that the building doesn’t have internet coverage (ADSL) which is necessary so that people can pay with bank cards, and to operate the remote security cameras.

Putting all these problems right could cost a further 200,000 euros over the original budget.

Editorial comment: very reminiscent of the Almuñécar underground car park under the municipal market: shoddy work by one mayor left for another to clear up.

(News: Nerja, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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