Larger Quake Felt

Monday, January 25, 2016
By Editor

AND Earthquake 6.3This morning around half five there was an earth tremor that registered 6.3 on the Richter Scale; again with its epicentre under the Med between Andalusia and Eastern Morocco.

Now, is 6.3 an earthquake or an earth tremor? Apparently, it’s not all to do with magnitude as on the lower end of the scale a tremor can be higher than a quake. Anyway, the former is when subterranean rock formations snap and the latter is when the surface moves because of tension below. The fact that it was over six indicates the former.

On this side of the Med, it was felt right along the coast but there was no structural damage, whereas in the North African Spanish enclave city of Melilla, there was damage caused, mainly cracks in facades. School for today has been cancelled, though.

One thing is for sure, the folks on Carmenes de Mar in La Herradura had trouble getting back to sleep.

(News: Andalucia)

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