Four Elderly Women Die in Flood

Four women at a residency for the elderly in Cataluña died as a result of the home being hit by a flood when the nearby river burst its banks at four in the morning.

This occurred on Monday the 2nd, in the town of Agramunt. However, it has since come to light that at 23.00h the fire service had warned the home’s staff of this imminent danger.

Surging water bearing mud and debris flooded into the semi-basement of the home to a depth of 2.5 metres, drowning the four residents sleeping there – all had mobility problems.

Divers from a special unit of the Bereguer Fire Service were able to rescue five other inhabitants on the same floor of the building.

The Mayor of Agramunt also received an SMS from Protección Civil informing him that a flood contingency plan had been put into effect around midday the day before.

The Councillor for the Interior also confirmed before the gathered press on Wednesday the 4th that local firemen had gone around the town in the late evening, using a megaphone, warning the population that, further up stream, Rio Sió had already burst its banks.

The authorities are now investigating if the home had been illegally built in a flood-risk area.

(News: Agramunt, Lerida, Cataluña)

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