Motril Heart Attack Victim Saved

MOT Santa Ana main entrance OnL

A fireman who had just come off night shift and was on his way home, found the man collapsed on the Motril port road.

It was 08.30h on Wednesday the 12th.

The victim was a man of about fifty and when the fireman found him was not breathing and had no pulse, so he immediately began the first aid procedure to restart his heart and breathing.

The victim was doubly lucky because an off duty nurse, who was out jogging, came by just then, and joined the fireman trying to revive him.

In the meantime, a passerby phoned the emergency services but not before the fireman called the fire station and got his colleagues to get the AED (defibrillator) to the scene.

Thanks to the timely intervention of the fireman and the nurse, the victim is alive being cared for in the ICU at Motril hospital.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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