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Out of the Blue

SPN Ficus Collapse Murcia.JPG

A 16-year-old girl was injured when a 10-year-old ficus tree in the Plaza de Santo Domingo in Murcia literally collapse around her. The fallen boughs and branches weighed around 12 tonnes.


It’s nice to be back in our old house on the hilltop. I didn’t realise until now how much I have missed the Spanish mountains and the view from our terrace to the sea, the sunset with its colourful and sometimes dramatic variations.

Nurse Mugged on House Call

A female nurse from the medical centre in Cartuja, Granada was mugged by a group of young men as she left the home of an out patient in the north of the city, infamous for its high rate of crime.

Catheter Catastrophy

Having a catheter introduced into something more accustomed to expelling urine is painful and guaranteed to make even a saint irritable at the mere thought of having one inserted, but punching the nurse is a tad overboard.

Competitiveness in the Family

The question is; should a parent actively encourage their children to be competitive?
I read an article recently that said for Donald Trump’s children family holidays were a very competitive affair. His son, Eric, recalls that when skiing in Aspen, his father was so keen to beat his children in races that he would push them over or hold them back with a ski pole. Imagine a grown man pushing over a 10 -year old to win a race!

Is 60 The New 40?

At my 11-year-old son’s birthday party this weekend, I had a conversation with a couple of mums about age; our own personal definitions of being old and more to the point, whether we are old!