Motril EDAR Causes Stink

MOT EDAR stink OnLOne of the Motril opposition parties, the IU, claims that the sewage-treatment plant is causing a stink, both figuratively & literally.

Two years ago, a total of 740.636 euros – money that comes from a special tax on users’ water bills – was spent to get rid of the stench, but it didn’t worked.

Yes, back in June 2013, the Chairman of the Mancomunidad, José García Fuentes triumphantly proclaimed, “The Playa de Poniente area and the Varadero & Santa Adela barrios, will wave farewell to the stink that comes from the sewage-treatement plant,” but it appears that he spoke too soon, because the ‘hum’ remained.

And then in March this year, Sr. García Fuentes announced another stench-eliminating project, costing 1.3m euros, 50% of which would be levied on locals’ water bills again.

But the pong continues…

The IU puts the blame firmly at the door of the Aguas y Servcios waterboard, whose management of the plant has obviously failed miserably, they consider.

Consequently, the IU believes that the water board should return to public ownership. In the meantime, the Town Council and the Mancomunidad should get their fingers out and fix the problem.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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