Salobreña First Mayoress

SAL Mayor baton V OnLMª Eugenia Rufino Morales, 45 years of age, has been sworn in as Salobreña first female mayor to be voted in to the office.

She is the first to underline the fact that she had occupied the Mayor’s office during part of the previous legislature only because she had substituted her party superior who had resigned. This time, however, she is the Mayor in her own right.

So, now, for the first time in history, all three of Costa Tropical’s major towns have women as the maximum municipal authority.

But not only does Salobreña have a female mayor (mayoress) but the 50% of the elected councillors in her party are women, too.

Mayor Rufino has been a PSOE party member since 1994; 21 years leading up to becoming the Mayor of Salobreña.

Upon receiving the Mayor’s baton she held it out in both hands and said, “With this gesture I want to tell you that although the town has given me this power, it is not ‘authority;’ it is just another way of working. For this reason I return this power to the people, who should always possess it.”

Maria Eugenia governs with a comfortable majority, meaning that she will not have to rely on votes in favour from other parties during council voting sessions.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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